The MagicShine MJ-808U, 1100 Lumen LED Bike Light

More that 5 times the light of a 10W Halogen.

As bright or brighter than an HID light at a fraction of the cost.

Built around the new Seoul Semiconductor P7 LED which combines 4 high efficiency LED's onto one chip to form the brightest LED on the market.


  • The LED has a rated life of over 50,000 hours and like all LED's is totally shock proof

  • Light output is digitally controlled to produce constant light output for the entire charge of the battery

  • 4 output modes: High (3+ hours), Medium, Low and Strobe.

  • The 3.8cm x 3.8cm x 7cm - 8.2V Li-ion battery pack weighs just 198 grams, recharges in only 4 hrs and is protected to prevent overcharging or over-discharging. Attaches to your handlebar, stem or frame with the included pouch.

  • The anodized aluminum light housing is O-ring sealed for all-weather use.

  • The entire assembly (light and battery) weighs in at just over 312 grams.

  • To keep you informed of the power remaining in your battery, the light is equipped with a 5 stage fuel gage as follows:

    Green light - 100% to 75% (8.4v 7.7v)
    Blue light 75% to 50% (7.7v 7.1v)
    Yellow light 50% to 25% (7.1v 6.4v)
    Red light 25% to 10% (6.4v 6.0v)
    Flashing red light less than 10% (6.0v 5.5v)
  • Attaches to your handlebar with a simple but secure rubber ring.

  •  The light has a smoothly distributed beam pattern providing a bright center to light distant objects, and a wide even spill to give you a good field of view. No dark spots or rings. Good for trail or road.

The MagicShine MJ-808, 900 Lumen LED Bike Light

The MagicShine MJ-808, 900 Lumen LED Bike Light

900 Lumen LED

The MagicShine MJ-808, 900 Lumen LED Bike Light








The basic package includes the light, charger, battery and 2 O-rings for mounting.  The light comes standard with the helmet mount and extension cable.

R 936 excluding VAT excluding shipping.

MagicShine Basic Package